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here's some of my favorite flowers because it's my web page and i can do what i want

i have spent 60% of my life in michigan. i love that which grows on the sides of roads, which some people don't think twice about or outright dislike. queen anne's lace is one of my favorites, and that distaste was hilariously underlined by a question under the "people also ask" section of google when i searched the name to get some pics:

i don't know what it's good for, but i know it's pretty, and i know it will wilt within minutes of you plucking it if you don't immediately put it in water. i also know they press beautifully.

my next favorite is chicory. i actually thought until very recently it was cornflower, but that's not actually the case. they're really close, but not quite the same. chicory is hardier than queen anne's lace, they have sturdier stems that can be hard to break off if you want to pick some. but just look at that blue!!

i know sunflower isn't the most original favorite flower but i can't help it. they're big, they are always looking to the sun, they are sturdy, and they're the most gorgeous yellow you could ask for. yellow wasn't always my favorite color. but when it was, the sunflower was at the top of the list for reasons why. and they get so tall!! i've seen some get 10 feet tall out in the country! what an inspiration tbh. stand tall, always look to the sun, be loud. i want to get lost in a sea of sunflowers. i want to shrink down and rest in the big brown center. i want to eat them and gain their power.

okay this isn't a flower but i'm breaking the rules cus i'ma rebel. rosemary is one of my favorite flora of all time. top tier herb. it smells so clean and bright, it tastes great with so many different flavors. it has represented everything from love to lust to memory to mourning. i used to put a tiny spring in my bra when i needed some extra vigor in my day. i used to sneak a sprig into my boyfriend's coat pocket to give him some luck. and i have never, ever, been able to keep one of these fucking plants alive for more than a year. i don't know why, but no matter how much i dote upon or how little i try to interfere or what window i put it in i've never been able to keep this precious herb alive. i'm not normally prone to superstition but (lol this is a lie i totally am) it feels like the reason i can't sustain this plant has more to do with a lacking spiritual output on my end than a green thumb. i live in too small a house right now to try raising one in earnest again. but even as i type this i am thinking of how the kitchen window has juuuust enough space on the sill for a small pot. and the window is south facing, potentially giving whatever i put there a steady stream of indirect sunlight all day. i'll probably get another rosemary. and i'll probably end up killing it. but that won't stop me from trying again and again and again and enjoying the sprigs while they last.