gf home the story and characters the THEORIES why it ruined my life my fav gf stuff the mystery shack

hey did i mention the show is really funny

one thing people often either forget about or don't know of are the shorts that were made between season 1 and 2. i HIGHLY recommend them, they're all super fun, and the dipper series even have their own end-credits cards with their very own ciphers to decode! my personal favorite is fixin' it with soos, but theyre all fantastic. also mabel's intro music fucking slaps.

please read the bill cipher AMA

the bill cipher AMA was a great little bit of community engagement that lead to some hugely memorable quotes and moments. alex hirsch hopped on reddit as everyone's favorite triangle menace and it's one of my favorite things that came out of fandom. here's some of my favorite snippets to whet your whistle